Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reset Openfire Admin Password

A. Embedded Database :

cari file : openfire.xml, editlah file itu kemudian carilah bagian yang menyerupai berikut dibawah ini :



silahkan ditambahkan baris yang berwarna merah, simpan perubahan yang telah dilakukan kemudian restartlah openfire anda.

External Database (MySQL) :

1. Login to MySQL and use openfire database. I use the command:
mysql -uroot -p openfire

2. Display the password for the admin user with the query:
select password from jiveUser where username = 'admin';

This will display the initially chosen password for admin. However if you have at any time changed the password from the administration screen then it will display NULL instead.
After first change the password is encrypted and stored in the encryptedPassword field and cannot be recovered.

However you can change the password even without knowing the original password.

How to change Openfire admin password

Change the admin (or any other users) password by setting password field to chosen value and encryptedPassword field to null. For example here is the query to set the admin password to 123456:
update jiveUser set password='123456', encryptedPassword = null where username ='admin';

This will change the current admin password to 123456. Remember to change it to a different value after you login to the admin console. This will also have the side-effect of encrypting your password in database for added security.

Note: Openfire admin console is available at http://localhost:9090

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